Sunday, December 30, 2007

Its New Year's Eve of 2008...and I am whiffing Vicks

Hi all,

To all of the sufferers of this benign addiction, I started out about 6 years ago with the craving of Vicks Vapor rub. I would buy it and a jar would last me about 1 year. What I would do is put some on my nose and then on my lips for the vapor reaction. That wasn't good enough, so then I would put some on my fingers and then nibble it off my fingers. That turned into licking some off my finger and then larger amounts off my finger. I would do this whenever I wanted to have a vapor rush. Then it would be when I finished dinner, or when I felt stressed. I would slather some on my lips and lick it off. Somehow it felt as if I helped me digest my food. Kinda like a cigarette does for some people.

I wondered why I was at the bottom of the jar by less than 3 months of purchase. I also wondered what the grease was doing to me on the inside. I stopped for a while.

I saw the solution to my problem. Vicks Menthol Inhalers. Yes. This is what I needed. I started buying these inhalers at CVS or Walgreens. One would last me two weeks. I would snort the flavor when I had urges. The inhalers cost about $5USD. So I thought great. I can control my habit in a sensible and logical way. Well, not long I was buying 2 every two weeks and then 2 a week, then 3 a week. This is getting expensive. Then I would buy multiples at one time. By now, I am not only snorting Vicks in my nose, but I am huffing it through my mouth like a cigarette. Once the little scent pad inside would get dry, I would open up my next one.

Now its getting good. That wasnt enough. I would try to save every morsel. So I got the idea that when one inhaler was dried up, to use a kitchen utility knife and cut the middle portion, take the scent pad out and chew it. Swallow the juices it creates and spit it out and then open a new pack. Oh what a feeling I got when I outsmarted the inhaler.

Mind you, I am married and in my early 30's and my poor hubbie is looking at me like I need institutionalized. He may have been right. I digress.

So doing my thing at Walgreens, I noticed a new thing.
Vicks came out with the Waterless Menthol Vaporizer. I was thrilled. I didnt like the price $20.00., but the way I was spending on the inhalers (which were portable) I couldnt resist to try.

For the last 2 years I have been huffing the Waterless Vaporizors and is religious about scent packet refills. This was the ultimate in my addiction. I would plug up my vaporizer and let it heat up and by the time I was done out of the shower, or with my dinner, or when I forsaw stress, I could plop down and smoke till I the rainbow would shine.

Each time I would get the biggest, baddest, greatest tasting blast of menthol. It would go through my whole body. Each day for 2 years. For multiple times a day.

Its like a spiritual time that I have with it. I would tell myself when I have wiffed it for more than 10 minutes and its good and warm and menthy..."know when to say when, girlfriend."

Then I would wrap the vaporizor in a zip-lock back to retain scent pad freshness for the next 24hrs. and wrap the cord around it and store it next to the outlet for immediate use.

Now I use it:
When I wake up to get the frogs out of my throat -congestion
When I get out of the shower for congestion
To give me energy during the day. Somehow it gets me motivated.
For when I feel sad..
For when I need a deep sleep. (a fresh scent pad can make you sleepy)
To get me un-constipated. (a used scent pad can make you need to poop)
To clear my throat when I laugh or cry (perfect for that)
When I am bored
When I feel anxious
When I am too lazy to brush my teeth on weekends (gives me fresh breath)

But it doesnt end there....

I feel that I maybe outgrowing the taste and need a bigger menthol blast.

My throat doesnt burn like it did when I first started using the Vaporizer. A slight burn in the back of my throat was a pleasing sensation. I dont get that as much.

So Vicks, if you get hold of this blog, come out with some Extra-Strength Menthol Scent Pads for your Vaporizer. I have spent thousands on your products in 2007.

Keep this addict happy.


Newborn's Prejudice said...


ufobeliver said...

OMG. have you tryied maybe halls extra strength the original kind very minty.
but are you serious. WoW. Sorry for the exaduration but i have a snus addiction
when im done with them i take it out of my mouth and put them in my drawer to let them dry when i have no more 'swedish snus'. i break open the portion and take the tobacco powder and inhale gently like nasal snuff but my own version. i do get a little buzz from that but my tolerance is so high i do get buzzed anymore :(
it all started from redman chew then dipping then cigs only a pack a week though or
a redman pouch a week or a can of copenhagen or grizzly then i bought cigars once a week but now all i do is buy General SNUS original once every 4 days and a can of kayak grape once a week. i need to quit i know but i started last year and im 23.

ufobeliver said...

i quit inhaling though because i dont want nose and mouth cancer by next year ill quit though so i wont get cancer of anything ��

Robert German said...

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Foxman Emperor said...

I believe I know why you're addicted to the inhalers:they use a weaker form of methamphetamine, known as levomethamphetamine. Feel free to check. I would personally stop using them.

mb said...
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mb said...

This is really unfortunate. I hope you have it a bit under control but to a point I think I can understand! I can't say I ever got addicted to Vick's and menthol/thymol/camphor to the same level as you but I do remember doing the same thing every night starting at 10 or 11 years old to help cope with the constant dryness and annoying nasal congestion I've been getting every night since. I do remember developing a mild addiction to nasal sprays when I was under 10 because I've always experienced congestion at night. The doctors made sure to tell my parents to make sure never to buy them because of their bad affect on those with heart conditions. Years later, Vick's became my new best friend to help me breathe at night!

If I didn't have my Vick's at night I could not sleep sometimes and I would definitely make a point of making sure I had some or when I went to travelling to a relative I would sometimes forget it and would beg either to have some bought for me because with it like my need for white noise now I couldn't sleep without it! I was told once by a doctor many years later I would see on occasion if my GP would be totally booked at her clinic that I had a deviated septum but I never did anything or ask about it further. After watching the removal of the splints after the corrective surgery on youtube it scared me out of ever getting it done but now I am considering it for sure! I still experience an increase in sinus infections throughout the year and I get disgusting buildup that is so gross when I wake up at night. Perhaps it's about time I use a cleansing Nettipot with a basic saline solution to cleanse my nose along with looking into getting corrective surgery. With this unhealthy habit I developed a taste for Buckley's that I only take when I am sick with a cough and a love for mint in all its glorious forms whether its in a soap or a tea! Nothing is better than mint tea!

Unknown said...

Why don't you try using a vape kit with 4mg nicotine juice? I mean sure it'll you hooked up but it's not as dangerous and crazy looking like the addiction you have right now, i can totally relate to what you are going through and I hope you find a solution

Angie Mowrer said...

I had the same addiction I ended up buying pure menthol crystals from a health food store and eating them.. I know its nuts but they somehow make me better..smarter.. happer..