Sunday, December 30, 2007

Its New Year's Eve of 2008...and I am whiffing Vicks

Hi all,

To all of the sufferers of this benign addiction, I started out about 6 years ago with the craving of Vicks Vapor rub. I would buy it and a jar would last me about 1 year. What I would do is put some on my nose and then on my lips for the vapor reaction. That wasn't good enough, so then I would put some on my fingers and then nibble it off my fingers. That turned into licking some off my finger and then larger amounts off my finger. I would do this whenever I wanted to have a vapor rush. Then it would be when I finished dinner, or when I felt stressed. I would slather some on my lips and lick it off. Somehow it felt as if I helped me digest my food. Kinda like a cigarette does for some people.

I wondered why I was at the bottom of the jar by less than 3 months of purchase. I also wondered what the grease was doing to me on the inside. I stopped for a while.

I saw the solution to my problem. Vicks Menthol Inhalers. Yes. This is what I needed. I started buying these inhalers at CVS or Walgreens. One would last me two weeks. I would snort the flavor when I had urges. The inhalers cost about $5USD. So I thought great. I can control my habit in a sensible and logical way. Well, not long I was buying 2 every two weeks and then 2 a week, then 3 a week. This is getting expensive. Then I would buy multiples at one time. By now, I am not only snorting Vicks in my nose, but I am huffing it through my mouth like a cigarette. Once the little scent pad inside would get dry, I would open up my next one.

Now its getting good. That wasnt enough. I would try to save every morsel. So I got the idea that when one inhaler was dried up, to use a kitchen utility knife and cut the middle portion, take the scent pad out and chew it. Swallow the juices it creates and spit it out and then open a new pack. Oh what a feeling I got when I outsmarted the inhaler.

Mind you, I am married and in my early 30's and my poor hubbie is looking at me like I need institutionalized. He may have been right. I digress.

So doing my thing at Walgreens, I noticed a new thing.
Vicks came out with the Waterless Menthol Vaporizer. I was thrilled. I didnt like the price $20.00., but the way I was spending on the inhalers (which were portable) I couldnt resist to try.

For the last 2 years I have been huffing the Waterless Vaporizors and is religious about scent packet refills. This was the ultimate in my addiction. I would plug up my vaporizer and let it heat up and by the time I was done out of the shower, or with my dinner, or when I forsaw stress, I could plop down and smoke till I the rainbow would shine.

Each time I would get the biggest, baddest, greatest tasting blast of menthol. It would go through my whole body. Each day for 2 years. For multiple times a day.

Its like a spiritual time that I have with it. I would tell myself when I have wiffed it for more than 10 minutes and its good and warm and menthy..."know when to say when, girlfriend."

Then I would wrap the vaporizor in a zip-lock back to retain scent pad freshness for the next 24hrs. and wrap the cord around it and store it next to the outlet for immediate use.

Now I use it:
When I wake up to get the frogs out of my throat -congestion
When I get out of the shower for congestion
To give me energy during the day. Somehow it gets me motivated.
For when I feel sad..
For when I need a deep sleep. (a fresh scent pad can make you sleepy)
To get me un-constipated. (a used scent pad can make you need to poop)
To clear my throat when I laugh or cry (perfect for that)
When I am bored
When I feel anxious
When I am too lazy to brush my teeth on weekends (gives me fresh breath)

But it doesnt end there....

I feel that I maybe outgrowing the taste and need a bigger menthol blast.

My throat doesnt burn like it did when I first started using the Vaporizer. A slight burn in the back of my throat was a pleasing sensation. I dont get that as much.

So Vicks, if you get hold of this blog, come out with some Extra-Strength Menthol Scent Pads for your Vaporizer. I have spent thousands on your products in 2007.

Keep this addict happy.